Scouting for Land Again

On Corsica’s east side, so practically right behind the Autonomous Sailing Collective’s little marina. And all parcels are situated along the Circuit la Corse. Very nice area n stuff.

Since all the assholes are moving into the new Linden ghettos there are now many mainland parcels available on the market, so let’s dive right in!
I’m looking for flat roadside and rather unfuzzy. Like this one in Amorissa is very nice but 1024m² is a tiny parcel.
This inflatable island for me is just bad bad taste and should be banned from the waterways!
Small 512s with only green and walls around them are also unacceptable.
This is better but with only 1152m² a bit on the small side.
1488m² is a bit better but the topography is fukkered is it not?
Nice parcel size, and roadside, but so fukked it’s nearly impossible to rez a prefab home. :/
Too small and L-shaped. 😦
Small, odd shape, and the typical manicured Corsica hedges. A hard pass for me!
2048m² is nice size but 13$ monthly fee for this rocky parcel is a hard pill to swallow.
2000L to buy is cheap but the parcel is small and unfortunately misshapen.
One 1024 parcel contains a walled-in house with some sex-toys and …
… projecting a buncha short clips of madly in love RL people!
Those RL avies are a rowdy bunch it seems.
Another parcel, average in every aspect.
Good area maybe but completely stupid parcel.
Nice-ish but expensive.
4.096m² roadside on the Circuit la Corse for not too much money. Cool. But the tier will be killer.
1.136m² for almost as expensive as the 4.096 … on a truly awful rocky outcrop. Thx but no thx.
Right next door … totally unusable. 😦
Not even road access? Fuk off, land!
Junctions are always good for bizniz. Unfortunately I have nothing to sell. =^.^=
Almost perfect but stupid space wasting triangular shape. :/
Same deal here. Hmph. :/
Same deal here. Only abnormally expensive. 😮
And this is so wrong on so many levels. Oh my. 😦

If I wanna talk hubby into permitting me to raise my tier level, I wanna at least see some real good piece of land in return for that. And then … I’m hardly online often and long enough to justify such expenses anyway.


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