Dejunglefying the Garden

This is, believe it or not, the view from outside onto my study room windows. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Of course white madam Orca don’t werk in the garden herself but lets black wokah do it. But pleez don’t fear me being racist slave trader, I’m just lazy and hate getting my hands dutty. And also Steven, who is one of the complex workers, always asks me if he can do our garden. So, no, we never force him to do it. Okay?

A peek from outside over the garden wall. Left side you can see my window, the blue speck is Steven hard at werk.
He’s checking his progress.

Steven preferably comes on Fridays, after official work hours, so he has some money to go on a bender on the weekend.

\o/ Wow! My windows … we can lรถรถk through them! \o/
Steven also cleans other parts of our huge 30mยฒ compound.
A peek from inside my blog office and AV studio into the freshly cleansed park-like premises.
More light, more happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚
I still hate our new garden wall. We gotta have it painted soon. But I love how Steven uses cut-off branches as landscaping objects. Kinda fancy, no?

Like the Russians went into Ukraine to denazify that shithole, Steven went into our garden to dejunglefy our shithole. Mission accomplished!

On Monday, or more likely next Friday, he’ll distribute more compost and saw off some dead branches.

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