Who Cares Diary: Day 757

Guten Morgen Ihr Lieben

Here’s slowly but surely losing my mind. Let’s look at the two headlines of today and then I won’t even have to explain why … or do I?

Since when is a personal interest story any helpful in a global pandemic? Pensioners living in a luxury island community, obviously pampered, boostered multiple times … and they come up with the very 1st world problem of deciding between boost now and boost on time for their vacation travel.


Come on people, a 5th wave? Yes, of course it’s gonna happen. It’s logical! But be real now, what impact did the 4th wave have? None, right? And when is a wave not a wave but just some minor ripples on the pond’s surface? They admit it themselves: “no marked change in hospitalizations and deaths”, so why did you make it a headline, IOL? May it be the health dept and big pharma are just trying to press more budget out of the country’s meager finances?

Why can’t we just go on with Alert Stage 1, or whatever it’s called, duty to wear masks inside of publicly accessible buildings and avoidance of large crowds and physical, contact? Did us good during the past 2 years, won’t hurt us now. So Papa Smurf, please remind your little smurfs to keep care and stay frosty. I guess that must be good enough before this scare farce backfires on you and your govt.

Can I just say humanity divides into two groups of people: Dumbasses and Assholes. This became very appearant during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s time to end this farce!

You special people take care, and cya laterz


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