Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Released

So what? Isn’t that far below our requirements and expectations?

Yes, it is. And usually we could stop right here, call Orca a stupid prankster and tell her to stop the bullshit. Right-o!

But wait, Ubu’s latest release is a Long Term Support version, which means you can use it up to at least the middle of the decade. And it’s supposedly also much better in every other aspect. Aaaaand all the Linuxy YouTube channels brimming with praises of this new bestest Ubuntu evaaar!

And also I was kinda bored so I put the ISO on a stick and installed it onto GagaMore. And 5 minutes after installation I’m already turned off and pushed all further testing to tomorrow or any other day in the future. 😐

Let’s see how the new wonder distro fared in Orca’s laboratory:

The Ubuntu ISO loads while the computer boots up. All pretty much normal.
Some apps some of you might find useful.
I tried Ubuntu’s stock standard GNOME 3 desktop. These are the rather sparse system settings.
Orcafied as far as possible: Placed the side panel at the bottom and reduced icon size. Couldn’t find any more options for finetuning of the appearance tho. 😐

At that point in time I already knew that Ubuntu and Gnome have gotten better in the last couple years but not meeting my not very high requirements, and decided to procrastinate any further testing. Will most probably get on with it tomorrow or so … or rather not at all.

Kidz, don’t take this as a negative review, I’ve not even started with real tests yet and you know Orca ain’t mass compatible so forget if she liked Ubu in its recent state or not. I guess Ubuntu is a rather good Linux distribution and Orca don’t matter.


    • Don’t get me wrong Neil, I don’t have much to compare 22.4 to but from all I remember this is a much betterer release than the usual fare. I was even able to use the Gnome desktop like a normal desktop. Install went fast and without any problems, and they allow closed source media codecs and drivers, so I guess everybody who’s already in the Ubuverse will be pleasantly surprised. Didn’t test the latest Ubu Mate yet, but I guess that will be really great.

      Will I ever use it? Naaw, don’t be silly! But Ubuntu joins the small circle of acceptable distros for me. πŸ˜‰


  1. πŸ™‚ I gave my viewers a complete rundown of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS when it was in Beta.

    While there are some visual improvements, it is the same boring Ubuntu (Apparently, everything else is boring when I have grown accustomed to the constant freshness of Arch Linux).

    I will be looking out for your review of Ubuntu 22:04 LTS.

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend, Orca.

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    • “Apparently, everything else is boring”

      It is indeed, isn’t it?
      And I have no intention to get further into testing Ubu 22.04. I’m quite sure everything will work as expected, so why would I search for non-existent bugs? And to get really into it I’d gotta deal with flatpaks or what that stuff is called. Why would I do so? As an Archie I don’t need to worry about that stuff. So I don’t. =^.^=

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