Covid-19 Diary: Day 756

Gud morning you fantastic people. Only one newness today, and it’s such a weak, insignificant news, it’s hardly of any interest or helpful for anyone of us. But in these last days of the pandemic, the eager reporter takes what she can get, so I implore you to at least glance over it:

A noticeable upturn? You don’t say. We don’t need to read the article to know there’s an upturn in infections. Lowered restrictions, more unprotected people roaming around … it’s a logical conclusion.

Buuuut what are the consequences? More people visiting the doctor with flu-like symptoms probably. It’s noticeable, but not dramatic, in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal, halfways around the world from where you live and both provinces even far from my location. Coz when we look at it with European eyes, Cape Town would be in Denmark and KZN in Spain. Hardly any danger to catch the flu from a patient thereabouts.

As I’ve noted already, we’re so starved off any Covid-19 news, we take what we can get. πŸ˜‰ Even sad little entities like an upturn of the sniffels far far away. And as long as we have any restrictions imposed on us and I can’t step into any store without my mask, I’ll keep this diary alive … somehow.

Hope you guys are doing splendidly well



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