Come On, Admit It!

Secretly you missed Orca’s highly biased but fair twittertwats since days. So here’s what we found lately …

Look at the map, it’s so easy. Up to he Ural Russia is Europe, behind the Ural it’s Asia.
Of course they don’t! They aren’t members of that club, same as Norwegians and some others … and all the better for it.
No! The US must not respond. Why should they? When two sovereign countries make friendship is always a good thing. And first of all: IT’S NOT AMERICA’S FUKN BIZNIZ!!!
Huh? Neither nor. We mustn’t send weapons to a fascist terrorist state and we ourselves have no need for them.
Pheew. 😉

Hey Americans, don’t forget to order your 6th and 7th commemorative medals, honoring the USA’s fukpuppet Zelenskyy! You think any of the profit will at least end up in Ukraine?

You’ll find me in the toilet, throwing up. No, I’m not preggers, just sick when I see what’s going on inside the Western bubble. The audacity!!! 😮

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