LM 20.3 – Cinnamon – File sharing made easy via a App on multiple Linux Distros.

Guys, I’ve waxed lyrically about the Warpinator app, didn’t I? Coz it’s so easy and practical and you don’t need to know fukall about networking stuff. Of course it was developed by the Mint guys but by now it’s made its way into other Linux distros, too. Hubby and me are using the Warpinator to send files back and forth between our Manjaro machines, and we’ve even integrated the Android phone into our little adhoc networking efforts.

It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s a really useful little application.

Watch the video by Thor and become a fan of the Warpinator as well.

Best viewed on Large Screen & Volume up. How to share file’s & folders on a local network using an App.. in Linux Mint instead of a USB stick or using SAMBA . This is also for Most Linux Distributions… using the Warpinator App … which is available as Flatpack software for most Linux Distro’s… see video for details.

As always with Thor’s videos, he only allows us to view them directly on YouTube.

Have fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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