Let’s Take a Peek

… at the Top 30 of the DistroWatch chart for a change. Because why not? Yes,I know I said it more than once, everything below the Top 5 doesn’t matter. Because their ranking is often a perfect mirror of their quality, so why would I put up with the 6th best and below?

But look. Sometimes …

Okay, the Top 5 are sorted. They’re all trending down, with the exception of the wondrous Mint, which stagnates. But let’s rather watch what’s going on below that: Most listed distros are trending downwards as well – we’ll be looking into the reasons later – with some glorious and shameful exceptions.

Ubuntu’s going up. They’ve just released a new version, so busy servers are logical.

Fedora’s coming out of the left field. Seems to be enjoying a second spring. We’ll leave it to the Americans and wish you folks all possible success and fun with this Red Hat development distro.

openSUSE and Slackware are such old stalwarts, unkillable and holding fast.

antiX, as a victim of sexier sister MX Linux’s quasi Debian monopoly, is slowly sinking down but still on #14.

PCLinuxOS is one of those weirdo distros only used by weirdo people. It refuses to die.

I don’t even understand the write up about VOID. Seems to be a system for absolute geeks and is trending upwards. Godspeed.

Also slightly trending upwards is the good old vanilla Arch. Okayyy…

Seeing an upwards arrow attached to SparkyLinux makes me happy. For me this is the ultimate Debian distro, humble, light, somber and functional.

FreeBSD isn’t even a Linux, and is outside of my universe. But nice to see it trending upwards coz how sad our world would look like without some geeks thinking outside the box.

Now for the reasons as to why most listed distros are slipping down the ranking. It’s not a general loss of interest in Linux at all. I still guess Linux is gaining general attraction, albeit slowly and with some hurdles. For me there are 2 relevant factors responsible: The shrinking marketshare of real computers (desk-and laptops) overall and their replacement by smartphones. 😦

And secondly, on a positive note, the ongoing consolidation of the Linuxverse. Everybody who’s still smart enough to use computers knows about Linux, many users are already on Linux and have found their daily riders some time ago. A certain coming of age did happen and the DW chart represents the maturity of Linux distros. Functional, easy to use and maintain distros are on top, the experimental stuff lines up below the Top 5 or Top 10. With the gloriously tragic exception of Sparky. #25 isn’t nearly as representive for Sparky as it deserves.

So, that was Linux Philosophy 101 for today. We’re all waiting with baited breath for Becca’s experience with Manjaro/KDE. That’s a huge distro with a hugely famous desktop environment and Becca must tell us if it’s doable for bold little housewives.


  1. πŸ€” As you already know, I am using number 23 on the DistroWatch listing (I am proud to be a vanilla Arch Linux user).

    Personally, Arch Linux has everything that I could ever need or want in an operating system.

    Also, I am waiting for the day when EndeavourOS overthrows MX Linux and regain the top position.

    In regards to smartphones, people can get them with Manjaro and PureOS.

    I am also waiting patiently for an update on Becca’s rendezvous with Manjaro KDE.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day, Orca.

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    • Yes, and kudos for taking Arch head-on. Me, I’m just a girl and have no aspirations to prove anything other than that Linux can work as a useful operating system for most people’s and corporations’ needs. Of course do I favour Arch-ish distros over Deb/Ubu ones and all the rest, but I’m long enough on Linux by now to have learned that you and me have different use cases and expectations than, say Becca or Neil (Neo Trinity) or everybody else. That’s probably the coolest thing about Linux in general: Be free, do what you want! Some wanna live in that tight corset Gnome Shell puts them in, most want more phreedumz. It’s all good.

      Oy, talking about Becca … darling, I hope Renard and I don’t put too much pressure on you. :/

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      • Oh, and Manjo and Pure in the phone should excite me much more than it actually does. Dunno why exactly. Guess I’m just not a hollaback girl. πŸ˜‰ I dabble in komputahz and have no aspiration in smartphones. I use ours to read all the Telegram, twitter and Whatsapp messages I get … and then I switch it off, put it away and go back to my machines.


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