Part 2 Scott Ritter: A Conversation About Ukraine … and a Rant by Orca

Why only part 2? Coz it’s more to the situation on hand. Find part 1 here.

This is the second part of an interview of Scott Ritter hosted by Margaret Flowers and Joe Lombardo of the United National AntiWar Coalition. The interview was recorded on April 6th and will be broadcast in two parts.

Scott Ritter was the UN weapons inspector who, during the Iraq War told the truth that we found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. He became outspoken about this, which undercut the main reason the US used to invade and occupy Iraq. As with the Iraq War, Scott Ritter is outspoken about the present war in Ukraine, in which we are again hearing US lies about the reasons for, and the events happening in the Ukraine War. His vast experience and knowledge working in the military and with various international agencies helps expose the truth about what is happening in Ukraine.

Thanks to the United National AntiWar Coalition to see the original version of this talk or donate, go to:

Scott Ritter quoted approximately: The United States is your worst friend. They are fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, and they are fighting China up to the last Taiwanese. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

(We can discuss the Taiwanese situation at some other time if you really want.)

Okayokay, since I have it open anyway and am very supportive of your lazyness, here’s part one:

This is the first part of an interview of Scott Ritter hosted by Margaret Flowers and Joe Lombardo of the United National AntiWar Coalition. The interview was recorded on April 6th and will be broadcast in two parts.

See, these kinds of interviews are so much more informative than all the twittertwats and govt misinformation speaches. Coz ppl like Scott Ritter and Col. Douglas Macgregor know what they’re talking about. They know the situation on the ground, they’ve been to the slaughterhouses, they’ve been US/UN officials. We can and we should trust them.

I know it hurts to hear the truth, it’s not pleasant to be told that not only your country, but you personally, are going to suffer … from the wrong policies of your trusty gvt. The people we voted into power are now betraying us and make our bank accounts dwindle and interrupt the supply chains of very much needed goods.

Don’t believe me? I see it myself every fuxn day when I check the exchange rate. Look:

15.80??? A toy currency like the SA Rand? We should get somewhere in between 18 – 19 Rand for 1 โ‚ฌuro. Not a paltry 15.80. :/ Add to that the rising prices for food and petrol and everything … hope you catch my drift. ๐Ÿ˜ Higher prices but less available funds. And I guess you’re in a kinda similar situation, no? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Or have you been clever enuff to exchange all your monies into Rubels or Renminbi? No, eh? We did neither. Didn’t even think about transfering all our humble funds over to South Africa. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Why not? Because! Because as superior white European beings we’re sure this will be only temporary. Mhm. ^.^ Russia’s economy will crumble and the Chinese will stop supporting them. At least that’s what our govts are telling us; and they won’t ever lie to us, will they?

Oh my bitchy frens, the reality unfortunately looks very different. The Sino-Russian economical system covers now 2/3 of the world’s population. They can ignore Western sanctions. They don’t fukkin’ need us. Not anymore. China and Russia are not Lybia, Putin and Xi aren’t half crazy dreamers like Gadaffi who loved to live in a tent and dreamed of independence from the Dollar. They live in palasts and are already independent from the Dollar! And both are highly intelligent and much smarter than Biden or Harris, Macron or Scholz or any of their western counterparts. They don’t need Mickey D’s, they don’t need Vuitton and Adidas. But we need all the Chinese produced industrial goods. And the Russian natural gas. It’s important for … survival, you know?

And talkin’ ’bout Adidas, how’ bout Chadidas:

Fuk Adidas when you can get Chadidas!

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