\o/ I Love Manjaro! \o/

Just tried to update the computer for the umpteenth time and …

… everything went smooth af. Just rebooted the machine, as recommended, and now all the updates are perfectly installed. Did I mention that I’m in love with Linux, particularly Arch Linux and super especially Manjaro?

Yes, I know of course does Orca love Manjo, as a Gerwoman she must love a German distro. To which I can just reply with a frenly but heartfelt Phuk Juu! Right nao I’m not particularly fond of my birthland, never felt patrotic in the first place. I can’t care less about the country of origin of any distro. Linux was first invented in Finland and is now a global phenomenon with mostly international cooperations. And Manjaro ain’t totally German neither as the main devs are from Austria, Germany and Italy. My second most fave Arch-y type distro, EndeavourOS is from the Netherlands (by an East-Indian man with help by a German), and the world’s most reasonable distro, Mint, was cooked up by a Frenchy in Ireland. Aaaand the global numero uno, Ubuntu was invented by South African Mark Shuttleworth, and is marketed by his company Canonical in the UK. And the mother of all Archies, Arch Linux (or Vanilla Arch as we call it) originated in Canada! My fave desktop environment, Mate, was forked from Gnome by a freak from Argentina with help by, among others, Clement Levebrfe of Mint fame.

Aren’t we a happy hippo global community?

Anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that with Linux you’re always in good hands. No matter from where your chosen distro originates. The update error happened yesterday and today – before sunrise – the problem is solved!

How about that, Microsoft?


    • Namaste, Arbind, what for? Did you, in an way, shape or form, contribute to the latest update? In that case it’s me who must say शुक्रिया. 😉


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