Oh Manjaro …

… you most sexy little OS of all!

Hey, the update fukup was remedied quickly!

I checked update again and, whoa! Today’s Friday so this must be the fortnightly big system update. I hope it contains the failed Mate Tweak from earlier and now everything will be fine. πŸ˜‰
Whaaaaaa….? What the fuuuuuk? Now the whole update failed. 😦

Don’t get me wrong, please, I consider Manjaro the most sexy Linux distro … if everything works out fine. Which it sometimes just doesn’t. 😦

And I still won’t switch to any other distro! Not with my main computer MiniMax. But Imma gonna reinstall EndeavourOS on my chic new lappy toppy. ^.^ Ok, gonna go scrambling thru the Manjaro forums, check if anybody has reported this shit. Laterz …


    • Arrgs. 😦 And today is/was Good Friday and the Austrian/German devs are on the long 4 day easter weekend. Shit. I first thought it might be only my Mate DE, since the first update failed coz of “Mate Tweak”. Then I looked in the forum and found only 1 post about the update:


      I don’t even understand what they’re talking about. Some had problems, for others it all went ok. But the one guy gave the best advice I guess: Just wait until the devs are back and sober again.

      As always with Linux, all the shit will get sorted out, and mostly much faster than Microsoft/Apple could ever do it. And again, contrary to WinApple, our machines are still running nicely, just on the pre-update system status.

      Happy Easter, Becca

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