Endeavour OS Apollo – Great Arch Distro | Vibrant & Friendly Community

Hah, perfect timing. Didn’t I just post a short installation process for curious Linux grrls? And now I find a review by Troy of eBuzz Central:

Endeavour OS Apollo – Great Arch Distro | Vibrant & Friendly Community

Taking a look at the newest release of Endeavour OS. A great Arch distro backed by a vibrant & friendly community that wants to see you succeed in your Linux Journey. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Download : https://endeavouros.com/

I gotta agree with Troy’s mention of the Vibrant & Friendly Community. That’s one of the attributes that sets EOS apart from Manjaro.


    • Yeah. Although it is actually too simple to be so exciting. Hardly a real distro on itself. Just an added Calamari installer and a bunch of DEs and WMs in their most basic versions and the Firefox browser. The rest is 100% vanilla Arch. No luxuries, no creature comforts. But contrary to Manjaro the shit just runs and runs and runs and …
      And I will reinstall it on my lappy later today.

      I guess what is what makes EO so outstanding. The uncomplicated simplicity. Install what you need/want, ignore the rest. =^.^=

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