Linux Grrls Go Crazy!

Ohayo my dear ladies, sistahz, bishies, lovelies

Wanna do sumfink awsum … shtoopid but awsum?

Ok, then let’s install EndeavourOS 22.1 (codename Apollo)! With Cinnamon desktop so it’s not, like, totally dum-dum but makes a little bit of sense. coz its familiar for you.

You know I’m already happy if you’re on any kind of Linux system, over the moon when you’re on Linux Mint and totally smitten if you’ve decided for Mint’s Debian version, LMDE. But know how my respect for you grows immeasurably (as if you’d need that) and makes me super duper happy? Once you’ve installed Manjaro on your hardware you’re automatically super talented, gifted and highly intelligent! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

And now – after some weeks/months experience on Manjaro – let’s add the most important attribute to your persona: SEXY! That ultimate status you reach by installing EndeavourOS. Simple as that.

Let’s go:

From the EOS website you download the ISO file from a server close to you.
We start innocently enough by just sticking a USB stick with the EOS ISO into Gaga or any computer you have on disposal.
First thing you see after boot is this frenly welcome screen showing you where to klik for install. Kool eh?
And indeed: “Welcome to the EOS installer”. So far very familiar,very easy,very peasy.
Smart installer knows where you dwell. In this case it knows where I dwell. No, not exactly but since Jo’burg is the main village of SA Linux installers always take that.
Next step: We just choose our fave desktop environment from a list. ArchLinux ain’t so geeky afterall, innit?
And since you’re not a stoopid boi but a highly intelligent bish your choice shall be Cinnamon …or any other DE or WM off that list. Decision is yours. But don’t come whining to Orca if your world’s falling apart.
Quivering from excitement you klik on Install Nao …
… and watch the magic happen.
“Alles erledigt.” We’re done here. Cool, that was as easypeasy as a Mint installation, right? Nao just reboot your newly empowered machine.
WELCOME to your new home! No, really, this is the most comprehensible welcome screen I’ve seen on any Linux distro so far. You find all the needed tools for a successful start in EOS.
First things first: Initial update. Just like in any other distro, right?
The basic standard desktop. I’ve seen more beautiful but that’s not a problem as you can get many more from the Welcome Screen. And in the long run we’re using our own graphics, right?
The nice and semi-transparent Cinnamon menu as you know it from MInt.
Let’s do sumfink awesum and install the Singularity Second Life viewer. Coz when that werkz everything else should werk as well.
But first we check the interwebz: Of course does Firefox werk as great as always …
… and here is the proof: Orca is logged in SL on MiniMax, and Phree is on Gaga. Fantastic. Everything werkz as intended. Nao, was that so hard?

Remarkably ungeeky, right? But pleez don’t become too plucky just yet. If you have an Nvidia graphics card or any specialsauce external hardware or anything outside of the mon’n’pop realm or if you expect a decent amount of preinstalled software, you’re on your own. Besides Firefox you won’t find any software or apps in EOS. I mean it’s no problem installing everything you could possibly need from the pacman repo or the AUR. Handful commands to learn and you’re good. 😉 But, see now why I recommend to first get a workable knowledge of Manjaro before taking the next – and totally needless – step to EndeavourOS?


    • Naaaw, didn’t hop at all. Gaga is one of my little Lennies, as you can see in the photo, so I installed EOS just for laughs and giggles. My main machines, desktop and lappy, are both still on Manjo. And they willl stay there. Coz I need them to just werk.


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