Ukraine, Geopolitics according to Twitter

Perfect timing for UK, US to show what a$$holes they truly are.
Simple military strategy, straight above the public’s conception.
That’s what happens if you tell actors to play make-belief presidents. 😐
Fukka is as good as dead.

Washington: Don’t give up, Zele. Everything’s working so fine now.

Zelensky: But we have no chance, my army will be destroyed … and I will die here! 😮

Washington: Bah, humbug! We’re winning the propaganda war!

Zelensky: But my Ukraine! And my life! In imminent danger! 😮

Washington: Listen fukker, nobody gives a wet fart about your shithole. And even less about you. You will be remembered by history as a great actor, fooling the whole western world.

Zelensky: Okay, if you say so.

Washington: Good boy. Now go and die.

Zelensky: *dies smiling … and very photogenic

Borrell: Diplomat or warmonger?
Joke of the week.

Kidz, don’t forget to get your tees:

Lavrov slowly emerging as a global pop idol! A bonafide rock star!

That’s all, folks!

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