The Top 3

… are running off …

… leaving Manjaro and fukn Pop! behind. You can see the gap in the HPD count, where both, Manjo and Pop are stuck below the 2000 threshold. We don’t care about Pop but Manjaro is a piece of beauty and belongs on #2, not on #4. In a perfect world this hit parade would look like so:

#1 Mint

#2 Manjo

#3 EOS

#4 and below: Who cares? The world doesn’t need more than 3 distributions of Linux. Oh wait, let’s split Mint and make both their branches independent for a moment, ok? So then my perfect chart would be like …

#1 LMDE – as the professional’s choice

#2 Manjo – as most wonderful alround daily driver for everybody

#3 Endeavour – for the kidz to play

#4 Mint – for untechy people too cowardish to go with one of the greats

#5 Whatever



    • Yes! That’s it, Becca! Exactly. And I’m happy that you are one of those happy clams as well. πŸ™‚ Actually amost a bit jealous that you are on KDE and I’m only on primitive Mate. 😐 Naaw, not really. I’m too lazy to try KDE out and get used to it.

      Regarding Manjo’s “low” ranking, we both know that DistroWatch’s chart is kinda nonsense and to count page hits is majorly unfair to rolling distros. We Archies don’t need to download a new version every 6 months but only once in our PC’s lifetime if everything goes alright. I frequent the Endeavour forum regularly so they get some page hits from me but I never visit the Manjo forum. I’ve heard they aren’t very friendly there.

      But, regarding Manjo’s and EOS’s rolling character it’s a real success they both made it into the Top 5 at all.

      And good to hear you don’t need to long onto Manjo’s site. Two happy girls on Archie Linux.



      Everybody, come look at us! =^.^=

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