More Pi Diary: Day 746

Oh shit, bro! 😦

And I was so looking forward to a well-tempered panic attack. Just about to lose my mind. But we’re not allowed even that little luxury. :/ But let me guess, the health dept has a perfect plan to save us all from the sniffels: Vaccines! And if you’re already inoculated: Booster shots! 2, 3, the more the besterer.

Oh wait, know what was just springing into my weird little brain? Covid-19 is/was a respiratory disease, no? Meaning, like that Floyd person, you couldn’t breathe. Well, all the Omicron, Deltacron and Pi symptoms showing exactly the other way. When you go sniff sniff, cough cough, atchoo, your lungs and bronchial tube is in perfect working order. Obviously.

So I say fuk dis shiit, let’s get thru the upcoming winter without too bad of a cold … and all will be fine.

Kidz, let’s not get sick. I start by not frequenting the gym today. Brave little me, right? I sense a theme coming up: Gym-free Toosdays. πŸ˜‰

Cya laterz n stuff


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