The Difference

… between EndeavourOS and Manjaro is several hours of battery live! 😮


Manjaro 21.2.5 Mate

This ain’t a technological surveillance nor a 1:1 comparison buuut in EOS, after a couple minutes the battery still showed a 100% charge and around 12 hours of remaining life. In Manjo, as you can see, it’s decidely less. I made this screenshot after ~10 mins, only slight internet activity (update of 1 file), and nothing else. 😮

As I said this isn’t technological proven in any way and maybe I should make a real comparison … some day. I just can’t imagine why two nearly identical ArchLinux based operating systems should have such different energy consumption. :/ 4 hours, fuk me. Hmm …


  1. I run my 20’x15′ Hut’s finished living area off my converted to Linux from Chromebook for 3 days before turning the main electricity back on to charge up its battery. Oh, the washer ‘n dryer also, but they are in the 20’x15’ open carport area.

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