James Vasquez Is A Liar

Gonzalo Lira made this interesting video:

James Vasquez’s tweet, where he lies about being in combat: https://mobile.twitter.com/jmvasquez1…
Extended livestream where I go through all the James Vasquez lies in more detail: “Propaganda BTFO” https://youtu.be/cp41QhVEFZQ

Sometimes I don’t know what to think, and whom to believe anymore. Gonzalo Lira is also a bit suspicious, so when he says another American in Ukraine is a fraud … see it gets complicated.

Well, no, I know exactly what to think. I you’ve followed the facts and know the geopolitical players, you’d also know that Russia is ok and the US is not. No matter how many propagandists they have in the field.

No, the Russian offensive is not justified, but also not unprovoked. And we’ve all seen America invading other countries with much less regard for intl law.


    • I’ve heard the Americans accidentally “leaked” some info about an imminent attack of the Ukros on Donbas. And the Russians tripped into the trap. Also I find the whole story since the fake Maidan revolution 2014 pretty durchsichtig. America trying to provoke Russia to do something stupid. They tried in Afghanistan and they tried it again in Syria. Now it looks like they won the propaganda battle in Ukraine.

      Sag mal, bist du der berühmte author Clemens P. Suter? Oh wow. 🙂 *geehrtfühl. Was macht so einer wie du in den niederungen der billig-bloggerei?

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