Let’s Hear from Ukraine

… as long as it’s still available. 😮

Gud moarnink, efferiboddy

Many newnesses from Europe’s dirtiest, scruffiest, nazi-infectestest shithole:

Chasing cats in Bucha

Edged on by the ‘intelligence’ community the ‘western’ media ‘get ahead’
and produce one lie after the other.

Here they are, reporting on some scruffy cat in Bucha, a town that had
seen five weeks of intense front-line fighting.

I wonder, was that before or after they found the 300 – 400 dead civilian corpses that the Russians allegedly killed before they moved out?


  1. Orca, it is not bearable to read that you name the Ukraine “Europe’s dirtiest, scruffiest, nazi-infectestest shithole” . You seem to get stuck in your hate against the USA and ignore all reality.

    Silber here

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    • But ain’t I correct? I wouldn’t like t go there even on a sunny day. Russia neither. But Russia is at least a rich and self-sustaining country with a working democracy.

      And, no, I don’t hate the USA, I only despise their inhumane “politics”. But nice of you to admit so freely that the Ukraine is nothing but the White House’s playground, ready to be sacrificed as a worthless token in this proxy war. Have you never wondered what America’s bizniz is so close to the Russian border? Why the “defensive” alliance NATO is moving eastwards so aggressively?


  2. No, you are not correct! And if you’d take a lil more power in checking the news than in “Twitter-nonsense”, you’d understand!

    Silber Sands

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    • Come on, be honest now: From all we get to see of the Ukraine it’s a kinda boring pastoral landscape, kinda similar to northern Germany. But with even shittier weather and a wrecked infrastructure. So, as we all call it in political circles: a shithole. ^.^

      And why am I supposed to check my sources? Why don’t you and all the Russia, Donbass and Crimea haters and USA fans check your sources? And look into the USA’s history and always same playbook. And their attempts to meddle with the lives of the free people.

      Silber, it’s not me who has a deviant opinion; when you look outside of your small world you’ll notice that 80% of all countries are against the sanctions and pro-Russia.

      But anyway, have fun with the upcoming economic crisis in your little bubble. Me, I am afraid, very afraid. Scholz and von der Leyen should be prosecuted for high treason.


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