Now That is a Positive Voice!

On GNU/Linux since 2 months only, and already on Arch Linux … and happy! It’s so uplifting to read love letters like this one on reddit:

Yes, indeed. EOS is not as easy to comprehend as Manjaro but easy peasy enuff if you know just a little bit about Linux at all. And it’s the real McCoy, real ArchLinux. Just shipping with desktop environments and some smart tools and nifty shit (AUR) and an easy installer (Calamares) already on board. What’s not to love about it?


    • “Yes to EndeavourOS, but no to GNOME”

      Amen brother Renard! Amen to that. Although I hear GNOME 42 is a bit better and everybody’s looking forward to GNOME 43. Buuuut, why should we be patient with a DE that started on the wrong foot (for normal human beings) and now slowly – very slowly – tries to adapt and bring some of the old functionality back? We have KDE, Mate, Cinnamon, Xfce and many others who fulfill our requirements already, don’t we?

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