Colonel Douglas Macgregor On Alleged Russian War Crimes In Bucha, Ukraine

That’s an honest man:

I have no idea what happened in Bucha, but what the colonel is saying here makes sense. It would make sense the Russians were trying to take Kiev, and that leading to a lot of civilian deaths, but here it appears to be that the narrative is: they couldn’t take Kiev because the Ukrainians were too tough, so they left, but just before leaving, they decided to kill a lot of random civilians, then left the bodies lying around just to be accused of war crimes. Why would they do that?

Just promoting the video, the original is here, check their channel:…


    • I knew MacGregor already but didn’t deem it necessary to break him out. Also he didn’t make a statement strong enough for my taste. He just “doesn’t know”. But I guess that’s as far as any American can go without their life turned into a living hell. And may I remind you that this is my personal blog, not a request progamme.


    • “War Crimes in Bucha is old news already.”
      Oh. Aha. So when your fave local bullies of the day commit the war crimes it becomes “old news” suddenly? Will you kindly, pleez fuk the fuk off?

      “Imperialistic Russia’s long history of colonialism and imperialism”
      Maybe under the Tsars. Maybe maybe under Lenin coz he believed in planetary revolution and workers rights in all countries. After WW2 the USSR and now Russia has one declared goal: To be left the fuk alone! Quite contrary to Europe and the USA who believe in expansion. As stated quite often already: Russia is kinda very very vast and it has everything it needs. So modern democratic Russia feels no need to regrow to the size of the old USSR. All the old republics with some sense knew it and joined the RU, the others were let go – after NATO promised not to expand east of Berlin.

      Including the Ukraine.

      Get that!


    • Ok, one Russian soldier turned out to be a babyfukka and was arrested and being held in Russia. No matter what evil mindset you have as a reader, the text made it clear that …
      – this is a single pervert, not a planned Russian atrocity
      – he was arrested and imprisoned by Russian authorities, not by Ukro troops

      So what does this tell us about the current war?

      Right, nothing!

      So much about the Daily Star’s credibility as a news medium. Daily Star is British, right? Aren’t they famous for their page 3 topless girls? Anyhoo, that’s the journalistic level we’re dealing with here.


      • Russian war crimes are so common in Ukraine that Alexei Bychkov felt no qualms videoing himself raping a baby (there may have been other babies also) – *AND* – then sharing that video wid the other troops.

        That photo of yours is as bogus as it gets……


        • “sharing that video wid the other troops.”

          Still nothing done by the Russian army but a singular sex offender. It’s not politics, neither what they wish to achieve in Ukraine, you know. That’s why they arrested him.

          And anyway, even if half of the Russian force is criminal perverts, Russia is still the right side to choose. I wonder how and why so many usually smart people could lose all their logic and ideology and fall for the cheapest American propaganda so easily. America of all places! The unfairest non-partners, liars and war criminals imaginable. Fuuuuuu…

          Since 89 the Russians have been nothing but superfriends to us. Particularly since Yelzin is gone and they have a real president all went smooth. The recent war was started with one of the many bogus colour revolutions, and ignoring of earlier promises not to expand NATO eastwards of Berlin. And the Russian invasion started after they received messages about an imminent Ukro attack on the Donbas republics. So far everything happened exactly as planned by Nuland.

          So rooting for Russia is what every reasonbly reasonable person should do. I say it since years: Germany should get out of fuxn NATO and concentrate on partners in the East. It’s not too late, although, yes,I guess Scholz fuxed it up. Until recently Germany still had a small chance to be accepted by Russia and China as junior partner. And we had a chance for a bright future. I guess that ship has sailed now. 😦 We have nothing to offer them.

          “That photo of yours is as bogus as it gets……”
          How do you tell?


    • That photo is of a Russian POW who wasn’t treated according to the Geneva convention but bound to a tank barrier, tortured and burned to death with gasoline. By Ukro troops.


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