Manjaro on the New Lappy

Hmpf. 😐 EndeavourOS lately started to behave a bit weirdly. And as you know your editrix has a very low tolerance for bullshit n stuff. And she’s also rather impatient. Soooo…

Installation of Manjaro Mate 21.2.5 is finished.

Desktop and laptop are now both on Manjaro. So my setup is maybe not like totally sexy anymore since we Manjaroians are officially banned from stating“BTW, I use Arch.” 😦

Otoh is my life much more easy now since I don’t need to check the laptop for updates anymore. Once a week when the desktop received the update I can do the same procedure on the lappy as well. And that’s it. For a travel buddy this minimal maintenance is even better.

And for you, my sweet children, I can’t recommend Manjaro strongly enough. It’s available in all your favourite desktop flavours – yes, Cinnamon is in the mix as well – the installation is superduper easy and fast and the daily operation as simple as you know it from Mint.

Give Manjaro as spin, I dare you. 😉


  1. Yeah, I got tired of Fedora 35 Cinnamon SPIN wanting to be updated every time I booted it up, and have made Porteus 5.0-rc3 Cinnamon my #1a ranked main Linux working computer (‘Portability & Linux Tester‘ category).

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      • Yeah, based on it, but is lighter ‘n faster. ISO was just 356 MB. They call it “modular” … uses modules for most everything. Been testing ‘n using for less than two weeks ‘n still don’t know much about “modules” yet, but have created a couple. Not ‘easy peasy‘ type you promote for the Ladies here…though you have some here who could handle it.

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    • Well, as I said EOS was acting up. Sometimes no mouse, sometimes no keyboard. 😮 Might have been a hardware bug though … will find out in the next couple days I guess. Aaaand let’s not forget my main machine is pretty much on Manjo since the update to AMD Ryzen. And that was in May ’21.

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