Linux Mint should ditch Ubuntu and here’s why

Chris Were, the Welsh rambler, joins the choir of the reasonable people. Reasonable like Orca! LOL, no. But reasonable like many many very well-adjusted Linux experts. If you can’t wait for him to get to the point, I guess you can just jump in at 5 mins. 😉

I share my thoughts on why Linux Mint should use Debian GNU/Linux as its base distro.


Whatev, if you just can’t muster up the chuzpe to switch over to Manjaro, please do yourself a favour and install LMDE instead of the old old mouldy Ubu-based Mint. It won’t make much of a difference in the short run but you’ll notice after a while. 😉 And it’s the future of Linux Mint anyway. Ubuntu as base is becoming unbearable coz of Canonical not even giving two wet farts about the users, about you!

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