Choo Choo I’m a Train!

Take a Soothing 360-Degree Ride on the World’s Largest Model Railway

We put the new camera train on the layout and let it run through all sections once. In the next few days we will build a housing and then send it out again, but of course we don’t want to withhold the first results from you! Sit back, enjoy the view and look around diligently in all directions! Have fun and enjoy the ride!

00:00 Skandinavia
10:55 Hamburg
20:51 Eurotunnel
21:20 Las Vegas
22:09 USA
24:13 Firebrigade at the Highway
26:52 Hamburg Dammtor
27:41 Middle Germany
30:51 Knuffingen & Austria
35:59 Switzerland
45:20 Italy
51:13 Rome
53:58 Monaco (below) and Provence
55:38 Bridge (World from Above)
58:24 Rio de Janeiro

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The Miniatur Wunderland is the Guinness World Record certified largest model railway layout in the world and Hamburg’s No. 1 tourist attraction. More than 20 million visitors from all over the world have already viewed a superlative miniature world in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt warehouse district. A unique miniature masterpiece has been created on an area of 1,545 m² in around 990,000 working hours – and it is still growing. It impresses not only with its sophisticated technology but above all with its wealth of detail. More than 289,000 figures have been lovingly staged, cars and ships move through the landscapes, and even airplanes take off every minute at Knuffingen Airport. The Wunderland is a breathtaking miniature cosmos that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. And this cosmos continues to grow. With the opening of Rio de Janeiro, the first 46 m² of the large South America world have already been inaugurated. In the following years, Patagonia, the rainforest, parts of Central America and the Caribbean will follow. But construction work is also continuing on the European continent. The dwarf state of Monaco and idyllic Provence are already under construction and are scheduled to open in winter 2022 / 2023.

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Hubby and me have visited the Miniatur Wunderland already, like, 15 years ago or so. We’re not model train connoisseurs at all but we had to admit it really is something. 😉 And by now it’s grown exponentially. So, whenever your path leads you thru Hamburg – capitol of McDonalds – don’t forget to check this out.

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