5th Wave Diary: Day 740

Hello again, my eager Covids

The report about Covid-19’s death was obviously an exaggeration, to quote the always insightful funny man Mark Twain. Unfunny, on the other hand, would it be if the 5th wave comes really to hit South Africa hard. It even made it into IOL:

Naw. I guess yes, the 5th wave will come and many ppl will get sick. So what? As we’ve learned by now the last few waves, Omicron and Deltacron, have been harmless as fuck and not more annoying than a common cold. And as the southern hemisphere is in autumn right now, preparing for winter, the number of flu and cold infections will soar. Like every year. I’m sniffling, too, and I bet when I come back from the gym later I’ll have caught some sort of cold as well.

Is that a reason to declare a National State of Disaster? I think not.

As much as I like Dlamini Zuma, coz she signed our permanent residency papers, she’s creating a panic now that nobody in this fragile economy needs.

What we need is to stay alert, like always, like we did in the last 2 years. What we don’t need are panicking politicians. Right?

Off to the gym now. Cya sweeties laterz


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