End of Disaster Diary: Day 739

Oh woah! That was an unexpected end of the state of disaster for South Africa. During a 30 day transition period we will slowly slip back into the general disaster. Look:

Hm. I expected … dunno what I actually expected. Maybe something more akin to the Big Bang, fireworks, party, the whole country going Hooray! or sumfink. But to hear it in a hardly announced family meeting was a kinda non-climax. 😐

And what will actually change? For hubs and moi, as well as for most other people not much nothing, to be honest. Still gotta wear mask in publicly accessible buildings and some other small stuff that will automatically fall away in 30 days.

But much more pressing question: What will become of this diary? Shall I stop it today or keep it going for 30 more days. But why? I don’t expect many breathtaking Covid news, so we can stop right here and now. Maybe I could write a final entry in 30 days from today.

Afterall the whole pandemic dies the same way all hoaxes die, with a whimper rather than a dramatic last stand. Apropos drama, yes, a bit more theatralics would’ve suited us. You know, after 739 days of the “pandemic”, which was a longer duration than both Lord of the Rings trilogies, I truly had wished for a grand finale with more fanfare and speeches and tears and stuff.

But in the end I’m just happy it’s finally over and done with. Now my gaze is on Europe, particularly Germany, where the health minister asshole just said that the pandemic will go on for some more years. 😦 Cool, so it’s a political decision now or wot?

Anyhoo, many thanks for reading my little diary for the past 2 years, you guys are doing good I hope. Let’s all be thankful and happy none of us was infected or even hospitalized with Covid-19 during the high times of the pandemic, when it was a real pandemic.

Cya laterz


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