LIVE LINUX: Veronica installs the Pop!_OS 22.04 beta!

Heyas sisters

Veronica’s gonna install the lastest BETA version of Pop!_OS. Live and on real hardware. So this is as real life as can be. I thought you kidz might like this and it helps you when you install Linux on your own machines.

The fine folks at System76 have released a beta of the next version of Pop!_OS, 22.04. Let’s install the beta on an old laptop and check it out together!

The beta can be downloaded here if you want to play along at home:

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#Linux #PopOS #Geek

PS: As you might know I’m not a huge fan of Pop or any other Ubuntu fork … apart from Mint of course. But if you wanna install Mint it will be similar to what Veronica’s doing with Pop.

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