Deltacron Diary: Day 736

Uh … did I say Deltacron?

And that was it already, todays pandemic diary. Delta and Omicron, each for themselves were fairly unspectacular if memory serves. So anyone complaining when I now call Deltacron a fake or bullshit?

Hey, it’s not my fault that the German health minister has ordered vaccines for billions of €urowoolongs and nobody wants them. Not anymore. So please, Herr Lauterbach, don’t force me to accept a totally useless inoculation with your shitsoup. It’s bad enough that we’ve already paid for that nonsense, so admit your failure and leave us alone. Fukka calls himself a social democrat but is neither nor. FFS!

You, dear readers, stay strong and upright. Keep on fighting the good fight and be excellent to each other, ok?

Cya laterz


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