Coz it’s so Sexy

The Ukraine conflict:

Smart vatican
Clever Indians
Even in the West some ppl didn’t fall for the mass hysteria.


    • I’ve read the article, and it might be right. Can’t say. It really doesn’t matter what the Vatican does, it’s about time to get rid of the almighty petrodollar and adjust intl payment options to better suited currencies which valuta represents real value. In so far Russia, again, is just the long-awaited spearhead of a changing, better new economical, world order.


      • Also, tweets aren’t news but private messages. And these ones I liked. Can’t say that about most of the pissy, petty, biased, hooray patriotic shit coming out of America.


    • I don’t know them personally but since they are reading my blog they are obviously very sexy, talented and intellectually gifted people. ^.^


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