Clem, you see that?


Since weeks and months we see Mint trending up while all the other distros in the Top 5 are trending downwards. This ain’t normal. A small push up is to be expected every time when the Ubu-based regular Mint versions come out with an inclementially new ISO but this long term upwards trend you have to thank your own LMDE for.

Clem, not all your users are little kidz, but grown up adults who know kinda exactly that Ubuntu is going the way of the dodo and Debian is the better basis to build a Linux distro on. I know you’re not a fan of big hullabaloo and you never give press interviews but, come on, creating a little hype for LMDE will do you and your operation good.

Just make LMDE a full versatile distro with all the bells and whistles. Reintroduce Mate and Xfce desktops, and other versions of the Debian base, like Sid, and see your brand bloom. And see donations rolling in and the sale of Minty laptops and mini PCs and T-shirts going up. And then let’s push MX off the #1 throne position. πŸ™‚

The younglings Manjaro and EOS will bow down to your seniority, so no problems to be expected from the Archy side. MX and Pop can go and phukk sexually molest themselves! =^.^=

In a fair and wonderful world the ranking would look like so:

#1: LMDE

#2: Manjaro

#3: EOS

#4: Sparky (coz if we see Manjo as equivalent to Mint then Sparky is the equivalent to Endeavour)

#5 and below don’t matter anymore

There you have it, 2 Debs and 2 Archies. A 3-ring circus version and a slimmed down bizniz version of each. The Linux world doesn’t need more than that.


    • Let’s hope so, Neil. I dunno why exactly, the whole Linux movement has to be thankful for Ubuntu breaking the geek spell and making Linux approachable for housewives and kids and the elderly … but still I kinda hate it. The always changing desktop paradigm, their failed projects, the focus on bizniz and selling out to Microsoft, all that is giving me bad vibes. And then the fact that Mint is just the better distro and makes all the things right, Canonical can’t get a grasp on.
      Ya, it’s time for Clem to say goodbye to his mother and go with grampa from now on. 😐

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