Got Some New Buildings

… for Orcsi to play with. Just for the heck of it and because I’m a sucker for interesting and functional architecture:

Remember this onsen from an earlier blogpost of 2017?
We might know this little bathhouse from another onsen review of Amber’s Apples & Kogami-kai onsen I conducted in 2018.
No onsen but a nice house I fell in love with the moment I saw it in Madi + Snoop blog. Not too expensive but wonderfully built by Trompe Loeil, this was a must-have for me.
Even the backside is nice with its very little urban garden.
I could turn the pool into an onsen. 😉

Don’t ask me what I’m gonna do with my new dwellings. None of them would fit into the Wastelands, and that parcel is gone by now anyway. I missed the tier payment and Neo took it back. As much as I’d love to have a bit of land again, all my little tier is in the new TrYC waterparcel in Danshire on Corsica, and I’m not online nearly enough for paying even more for more land.


    • Don’t tempt me, you evil seducer. 🙂

      No, I was never good at home-making in SL, too restless for such things. I can’t sit in my house, need to bounce. The closest I got to a real home was in one of my old airships, all other attempts by friends to make me a homebody failed spectacularly. Rest of my homes were small spaces in my harbourmaster office, warehouse or workshop. Oh, and I used to hang out in the second storey of my OrCafé. And once I lived in a lighthouse, which was really cool.


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