Mint Flyin’ High

Still no change in DistroWatch’s top charts:

The Top 5’s ranking remains unchanged, with Mint the sole distro on an upwards trajectory. Yes, it is really that good and yadda yadda yadda. But what gives it the special push right now is that LMDE5 was just been released last week or so. So of course there’s a rush to Minty’s download servers.

Well, I guess that MX, as another Debian-based distro should’ve seen a similar rush, but it being already on #1 there is no place for MX to go … but down. Hey, I wouldn’t mind that, btw. ^.^ But is Mint (LMDE version) really better than my fave, Manjaro? To be honest, perfectly honest, yes, it is. At least for the broad masses it is indeed the better option. Even if stupid Orca claims otherwise, nobody should start of on any Arch-based Linux distro.

So, from a pure n00b pov, the GNU/Linux world order should look like this:

#1: Mint LMDE

#2: Manjaro

#3: … doesn’t matter. No, really not. Once you’re into Linux deep and long enough you’ll know what you really want. And hey, sticking with Mint is no shame. 😉 While a phase of distro hopping comes highly recommended it is in no way a requirement. Particularly as a girl you wanna get shit done (writing the Novel of the 21st Century n stuff) and not geek out over computer shite, right? And then LMDE is perfect for you. Hardly any updates at all, no maintenance, that shit just runs and runs and runs …

And let’s never forget even the mostest aweseomest Linux distro is just a software your prefered tool/toy needs to function. Of course it’s better than Windows and MacOS, for various reasons, but in the end it’s just a matter to make ends meet.

As girls we know that. And we hope the boys will never get it. Because we need their geekyness to come up with all the awesome Linuxy stuff. Without boiz = no Mint, without boiz = no Manjaro.



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