Do I Really Have To?

Really? Aren’t we all adults, or at least adult pretenders, here in Orca’s little corner of the gigantic international network, a.k.a. the Internet? Must I tell you with every tweet, telegram, quote, link or video, that all that material was not created by me, not fact checked by me, and that the original creators might be under scrutiny? By some equally anonymous, unchecked netizens with unknown motives and affiliations?

Oh männo! 😦

Well, consider it done. Herewith I refuse to accept any responsibility for the stuff that made it into my blog. Consume at your own peril, or don’t consume, agree or disagree with me. As long as you stay fair and don’t retort to trolling it’s all okay in this here blawg.

No, that won’t stop me from going on. I will still collect stuff I find about the Ukraine conflict, and publish it. I feel the truth balance is clearly and unequivocally in favour of the Russian side. All the known facts are speaking for it.

And, really, I’m happy to admit and even proudly state that I am biased. So, what you gonna do now?

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