Woman Found Tortured in School Basement “Military Base” in Mariupol

Oh fuuuuuuck! 😮 Oh no. 😦

Woman Found Murdered In Ukraine Military base in Mariupol School basement.

You are an adult, aren’t you? And you’re not squirmish. Are you sure?

Hell, I just remembered we’re living in 2022. The age of enlightenment, of the internet, of unbelievably bad Hollywood flicks, SJWs and bad pop music … and obviously still enough of psychokiller nazis around. 😦

Excuse me a second, gotta throw up now …


    • “independent online news media outlet from Ukraine and about Ukraine from a point of view of regular Ukrainian citizens, born on the barricades of Maidan during the Revolution of Dignity”

      Thank you very much. That “About Us” tells us all we needed to know about the empr website. And more. Maybe Lancaster is a douchebag, maybe Lira is one as well. But at least they aren’t in the service of a fascist state. And they don’t have the audacity to call the brutal Maidan coup d’état a ‘revolution of dignity’. The world knows what really happened there, so please stop pretending. You’re just embarrassing yourself. 😦


  1. First of all: I missed adding my “name” under the previouss posts: “Anonymous” = me (Silber), sorry for that, It has never been my intention to appear as a “troll” or “fake person”. This Patrick Lancaster though is well known for his propaganda, so I cannot stay quiet.

    Silber Sands

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    • Hai Silber!

      Yeah, his appearance right in 2014 and change of interests from artsy fartsy photography to press and war reporter sounded a bit suspicious right from the get go. Softy me tends to trust in ppl up to a fault, sometimes too far.

      But the source that you used to debunk him is even more questionable isn’t it? I rate everything coming out of official Ukraine as lies and propaganda.


  2. Moin Orcsi,

    I do think that you do rate everything coming from the “West” as lies and propaganda in general, am I right…???

    Btw., the argument that this guy is „indeed“ on the ground in Mariupol, all the ppl are real and he looks so afraid and highly stressed…

    Hey, we all know what a „war of pictures“ means, don’t we?

    I do expect more closer examination by a „Hamburger Deern“!!! 😉

    Silber Sands

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    • “Moin Orcsi,”
      Moinsen Silberli

      “I do think that you do rate everything coming from the “West” as lies and propaganda in general, am I right…???”
      As far as it’s officially from “the West” (a.k.a. America, NATO, EU), yes, indeed.

      “Hey, we all know what a „war of pictures“ means, don’t we?”
      Yes, only too well, but I don’t consider Patrick Lancaster as part of Russia’s propaganda machine. And his footage doesn’t look fake. He and Gonzalo Lira are regular assholes, I admit that. Vain narcicists and mavericks. Doesn’t make them less correct.

      “I do expect more closer examination by a „Hamburger Deern“!!! 😉”
      Ok, let’s meet in Mariupol and Kharkiv and visit Patrick and Gonzalo and see how they’re doing.
      Yes, I know it’s kinda too expensive and needs too much organisation n shit (at least for me), so we’re both dependent on the material we get and what we know to be true. And judging by that the USA looks pretty bad and we can clearly mark them as the culprit and the kingpin behind this latest confrontation. They were guilty of all the shit that went down in the world since 1945, why do you think it will be different this time around?

      As it looks right now the Ukraine in its current state shouldn’t even exist in the first place. Ruled by yet another one of America’s opera regimes, made up of actors and nazis, clearly on an agenda and in total disregard of the population. We’ve seen similar shit going down in Vietnam and Iran.
      Right now the Ukraine war plays out exactly as Washington had planed it. All actors are fulfilling their roles.

      So excuse me if I’m geopolitically and humanly on Russia’s side. I believe they are in Ukraine to save people’s lives in the Donbass, and liberating Mariupol and Odessa.
      And another positive effect of the Russian “invasion” will be more stability in the whole region. Russia will make sure this won’t become another middle east scenario, as much as America wants it. They will enter into peace talks with Kiev, no matter how strong America tries to stop this development.

      Just wait for the next false flag incident. You’ll see.


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