The Daily Stupefier

Well, I’m adequately stupefied. What about you?

Mickey D’s an official gvt agency now?
Nom nom nom…
Say it as it is , old man!
Doesn’t matter, Scott. Biden believes he’s serious … and also he’s the prez. Maybe his country is not a serious country?
Poland? Since when are you so smart?
Oh indeed, my dear Nina. 😮
Okay okay, not a serious man. 😐
Of course it’s a proxy war! Did anyone ever believe anything else?
Putin 2022: Zelensky must go
I love totally selfcentered, isolatinionist Americans.
Latin American journalists are good people
You? Are wiling to pay? Okay, just tell 280 million Europeans were they can send their gas bills. Thank you.
Make up your fukn mind, grampa!

I’m tired now. Tired and frustrated with the world at large. Enuff for one day. Really!


    • Rarely ever did I read a truer sigh. You really Pheeew with the best of ’em, Bex. Yah, it’s all a bit much by now. And still I feel compelled reading all the twats and websites and watch the YouToobz. It’s kinda fascinating. Coz I kinda see it like drama queen Gonzalo Lira: This ain’t one of the usual little wars, this is a defining moment in world history and may ring in the end of an empire.

      Even if it’s hurtful, let’s observe it.


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