1. Too funny!!! Russia has started to retreat after getting their buttocks kicked for over 30 days by the much smaller Ukrainian forces. Your continued support for brutal Totalitarian Nazilike warmongering Russian regime reminds me of Hanna Schmitz. Get your facts straight…Russia is retreating back to the “eastern Donbas region.”

    It was clear on Feb. 25th that ‘Adolf‘ Putin’s invasion exposed Russia’s military weaknesses. They were never able to air superiority. W/O air superiority their tanks were sitting ducks, e.g. Ukraine lost 74 tanks but captured 117 Russian tanks – that doesn’t include the 561 Russian tanks that Ukraine destroyed. W/O air superiority the Russian ground movement was slow ‘n plodding, eventually got bogged down, and air operations were never able to integrate with ground forces (which are suppose to help protect their tanks). Unbelievable lack of a strong non-commissioned corps (sgts ‘n corpls) led to many Generals being killed, and even more Colonels ‘n other high ranking officers being killed. You can’t fight a war without lots of sergeants ‘n corporals. Unbelievable lack of modern communications equipment led to very poor communications security, which led to Russians having to use their own cellphones whose calls were easily intercepted by Ukrainians who used those calls to kill more Russian troops. “Too many Russian units have resorted to using the insecure Ukrainian 3G mobile phone network, making interception by Kyiv relatively straightforward and identifying targets for precision attack.”

    Russia has already lost as many troops in this invasion as they lost in the 10 years Afghanistan invasion…


  2. >>> The War is Over!
    >>> … and Ukraine is done. 😐 Very soon.

    Well, what you wrote above is not quite what Shivikov said during his interview on Bulgarian radio, but it’s not very far off the mark. As far as I have read, Shivikov never said that the “war is over,” and he never asserted a “very soon” time frame for the demise of Ukraine.

    Rather than a photograph of your phone, you might have posted a link to the original source. As a service to your readers, here is the original source in English translation (and readers can also listen on this page to the actual interview):


    Note that the interview was conducted almost a week ago. A lot has happened during the last week.

    >>> You should start a new career as a fiction writer, Karmi

    I wish that you could make a more compelling argument than, You’re writing fiction. Both you and Karmi should be citing reliable sources.

    >>> Why provide weapons to a lost cause? The Ukros would only use them to shoot at their own civilians anyway.

    On what supportable evidence (not Twitter posts or government-funded media) do you make this claim?

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    • “Well, what you wrote above is not quite what Shivikov said”
      No, it’s what I think and wrote.

      “you might have posted a link to the original source. ”
      That what I fukked up to link but made a photo of was my source.

      “A lot has happened during the last week.”
      I only check once a day, or every two days, and from what I see the Russians are doing what they always planned to do, while the Ukros are getting decimated.

      “I wish that you could make a more compelling argument than”
      Aha! See, I don’t make arguments,would never allow myself to have an opinion on such complicated matters. I only write about what I see and hear. And wait for the whole shitshow to be over … one way or the other. Although my sympathies are with the Russians since they are fighting right-wing nazis and wannabe NATO idiots.

      “On what supportable evidence (not Twitter posts or government-funded media) do you make this claim?”
      On Twitter posts, govt-funded and independent media. And a healthy dose of fukall and more or less non-partisan – but slightly biased – neutrality. In other words I run around with eyes wide open. And I’ve followed the conflict more or less since 2014 and the only thing that really confuses me is how Putin could still be so nice towards the west until the proverbial last 5 minutes before the invasion. The sudden attack was a bit of a surprise. I guess the Russians found out about an imminent Ukro attack on the donbass. Which makes sense after the Americans and Ukros repeatedly signalled they were ready for negotiations but then backed off again and again. Classic behaviour for when you need more time to plan evil shit, no?


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