Deltacron Diary: Day 729

Today I did a search for signs of the latest, the most dangerous and contagious variant of Covid-19: The much fabled and feared Deltacron!

Soooo …

Since March 15 Deltacron was mentioned exactly 3 times in all of South Africa’s independent newspapers. And we know literallly nothing about it, other than it will hit us in April/May. Come on, WHO, come on presidents and health ministers, you really expect us to take any of this shit seriously in any way, shape or form?

Phuk off!

Oh peepelz, we’re really quickly running out of blogworthy material. And that at the eve of the 2 year anniversary of Corona lockdown and national disaster. Yes, a disaster it is indeed: The people in charge are disastrously badly equipped and able to do their jobs. :/

I hope you and I, we’ll know better what to do and how to deal with the situation once it hits us. We’ve all survived so far and I guess if any of us is going to die in the next couple months it definately won’t be caused by Covid or any of its mutations. Good to know, right?

You guys do well



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