Firestorm Viewer 6.5.3 Released

Back to the real metaverse, not Facebook’s warped version of it, Second Life’s most used 3rd party viewer, Firestorm came out as gay with a spectacular new version. I can’t tell you anything about it since my viewer is from the other – the outdated, oldfashioned – team, Singularity.

But know who’s a techy wizard and can tell us everything about the pros and cons of the new FS viewer? No other than always grumpy Nalates Urriah. Read her article here:

I just think, when Mark Zuckerberg tried to sell us this totally new and fresh concept of a metaverse and made the world at large dizzy, we oldbie Second Life residents just went “Yawn, we do that since 2003.” And our avies are totally sexy and individual … and have legs!

Anyhoo, let’s read what’s good and shit about Firestorm’s newest baby.

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