Make Friends with America

… go broke! 😦

Zelensky’s gonna find out pretty soon.


  1. Nina Byzantina wrote:

    >>> In 1941, the NYT gave a platform to Hitler

    Nina Byzantina omits some important context for the 1941 New York Times piece:

    not a case of the Times providing op-ed space for a particular political view, but rather to educate its readers about the propaganda methods being used against Americans by the Nazis

    >>> now they’re promoting nuclear war lite

    Nina Byzantina provides no reference for this assertion. I read the New York Times regularly, but I have never read therein a promotion of any kind of nuclear war, “lite” or otherwise.

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    • I’m not reading the NYT but I guess I’ve heard some sympathy from the American side for mini-nukes or sumfn. :/


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