I’m Not Proud to be a German

Not with the new chancellor, Olaf Scholz. Fukka is worserser than Angela, stuck even deeper in Washington’s arse. And driving Germany into a deep recession. In a perfect world he’d be shot for treason. 😐

What a sex symbol! xoxo


    • Does mean something if your own govt deliberately works on cutting your supplies and making you poorer. And for what? So our leaders can stay America’s pets, chess figures and toy soldiers? I say since 1989 already let’s befriend Russia and China and kiss America goodbye. Rest of Europe can come with us to the East, or stay where they are and try to mimic former glory and celebrate their nostalgia.

      We’ve all seen how Russia, and particularly China, are prospering in the last 20 years. That’s a positive development in which at least our industry would love to partake. Siemens for example was busy installing a high speed train infrastructure in Russia (think Shinkansen) …

      … until called home by Olaf. They’ve lost billions in the matter of a couple days. And it would’ve made perfect sense in a country as beeeg as Russia.

      Now China will build the trains. We’re quickly running out of things we can trade them, and chances become slim they will accept us at least as junior partners. Even Africa tends more and more to the east.Think Chinese built hispeed train Cairo –> Cape.

      That’s how the west goes down. 😦


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