Welcome Elsie!

\o/ YAY! \o/ Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 (LMDE 5), nicknamed “Elsie”, just hit the download servers last night.

My typical disclaimer: I personally don’t use either Mint nor Debian, and neither the Mint/Deb combo. But be assured, if I wasn’t so over the moon happy with my various ArchLinux installs I’d be computing on LMDE.

And since I know moist of you kidz have already made the jump to Linux Mint, why dontcha switch to LMDE? It’s even more secure and faster.

Many Minty users are asking Clem and team since years why they won’t finally drop the Ubuntu base and focus 100% on Debian. Soup that up a bit and become the mostest stable and user-frenly Linux distro on the planet!

Anyhoo, give LMDE a spin and let your fellow bloggies know how it treated you.

I guess I’m gonna take Elsie out for a testdrive down to the beach once I’m awake.


    • OOOhhh, glad to hear from you, Becca. Thought your Linuxes got you into so much trubbel you can’t access the interwebz anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And also happy to hear you prefer Manjo/KDE over Mint/Cin. It is clearly the advanced option, isn’t it? But would you wanna miss the experience of starting out on Mint? Rather not, eh?

      Manjo is very up-to-date and still stable. And contrary to Mint you’ll never need to reinstall it. And KDE is the most kneadable desktop bar none. If I was a n00bie today I’d follow your example. But since I’m an old creature of habit I’ll keep on dabbling on Manjo/Mate.

      And the best thing about Manjaro – or pretty much every Linux distro – is that, when used wisely by girl users and not by crash test dummy boiz, we have more or less indestructible systems! Right?


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