What Sick Games are They Playing?

Let’s look at this story if you don’t mind:

So many questions. :/

Did Zelensky finally realize he’s losing the war? Did he get the permission from his handlers from overseas to engage in talks? Do they mean it this time or is it just another play for more time?

We all know Zelensky is a loose canon, a handgranade with the ring pulled off; a sad clown. So, yes, we get his shock. It’s understandable. I mean hypersonic missiles is a real novelty on any battleground and we just witnessed it’s first impressive deployment. 1 missile, 200 officers dead, the whole (secretly NATO) staging ground reduced to rubble. Of course he’s shitting his pants now.

Let’s see what Gonzalo Lira reports from his home in Ukraine in his typically rambling style:

The Russians have warned us, no? They told us again and again to get off their porch and don’t fuck about. Nobody listened. Coz that’s not the way NATO functions. They have no listening skills. Now the RF reacted but not in a way the stupid NATO “intelligence” imagined … and now everyone’s crying. 😦

I still see America as the big winner here. They killed 3 flies with one swatter: Ukraine hassle will be gone in a couple days, they can blame Russia for everything … and most important, they got cowardly Germany back in line before it strayed too far off and made friends with Russia. 😐

Germany pledged to waste 100fuknbillion Woolongs into weaponry, the quality of life will go down rapidly (for example my hubby’s pension won’t be raised as expected). Would we still be living in Germany we’d be queuing up for free meals at the soup kitchen. 😦

It’s all so very sad.

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