Where the Linux World is at

Right now the latest kernel for EndeavourOS – a distro as close to vanilla Arch as possible – is 5.16.15. This is de facto the most up-to-date usable kernel for all Linux distros. Even if most will only get it in a couple of weeks or half a year or later.

Today’s update included Linux kernel 5.16.15

But when I look at my trusted Manjaro-powered main computer I see not even this slowest updating Arch-type distro is far behind on 5.16.14. Will probably be updated in next week’s update. And if not, well, they’ll have their geeky reasons. To keep you save!

No update till now but nothing to complain about on 5.16.14 either.

I said it before, I said it often: I’m not at all geeky, maybe a bit of a girl nerd coz I always strive to have the best available to me. And as a non-specialized , non-gaming, mom n dad computer user the absolutely best user experience you will have with Manjaro Linux. It’s almost as comfy as your Linux Mint but you’ll be in a higher class … and the devs will take very good care of you.

Trust me: Manjaro is not harmful!

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