Russia Today is Censored?

Not even with TOR you can read it? No wonder, TOR servers are located in Germany, the former posterchild of a free press and free interwebz. Pfff. :/

Anyhoo, have a peek at Orca’s desktop if you don’t mind:

Maybe SA is indeed the free-est country in the world or maybe our choice of an unadultered Firefox browser wasn’t so bad afterall, greedy Mozilla Foundation and all. Of course no browser, not even the bestest in the game, can help you if your country don’t want you to see any info that’s not controlled by them. 😦


    • Yeah, maybe at your and my location but obviously it’s perfectly legal in the US, EU, UK. Feels good to live in the free world and enjoy free speech and a free press, doesn’t it, Renard?

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        • Best decision evaaar to leave Germany and the EU behind us and move into the 2nd world. πŸ˜‰

          Let them deal with all those regulations and Covid scare well into 2029 and trying to find 100 billion woolongs for useless weapons in the couch upholstery. And good luck next winter without Russian gas for heating.
          Ijitz! 😦

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