Disaster Diary: Day 722

Mornin’ survivors

YouTube has stopped to show Covid-related videos on the site already a while ago, so we’ve gotta live with some rather Afro-centric news now. And today we’ve got two:

250.000 deaths sounds like an impressive number. And it is. So many deaths, so much suffering, so much despair. It’s heartbreaking. But c’mon, you gotta see the perspective here: Africa is a Huge continent – emphasis on capital H – with shitloads of poor and undereducated, senseless people and many countries and cities we define as shitholes.

While in the USA – leader of the free world, the firstest of 1st world countries – they are at over 1.000.000 deathes by now. In a single country, ffs!

So when that puta of the WHO states we’re in the middle of the pandemic we know why she said it. Because she and her organisation get their funding from big pharma. And big pharma wants to sell as many doses and boosters and jetpacks and whatnots to an unconvinced public. A public that just refuses to get sick anymore. Bad customers, I know. :/

Come on lady, take your samples, take your WHO and go away.

From panic-creating business people back to the real world now:

Hmmm, this seems all a bit planless, my dear Cyril. I was so looking forward to an end of the charade punctually at the 2 year anniversary of the South African locky downy. But if he first needs to get opinions from many non-medical assholes – and maybe even from the useless WHO – then I don’t see them making it in time for the deadline. 😐

Otoh, ok, hubby and me rarely go out of our snail house, other than for gym, groceries and playing with old vans, wearing a mask has become second nature by now and a lift of the regulations would only have a minimal impact on our lives. But I guess for the public at large, for all the working folks, this will be a major event.

So, come on Papa Smurf, at the next indaba tell us the good news! Tell us the State of Disaster has ended and tell the WHO they can go and sexually penetrate themselves!

And here may be the mostest important reason to end this Covid BS:

You kidz are good, ok?



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