Clever Cookie #2

Cyril Ramaphosa is probably the bestest president of any African nation. Period! He really calls it as it is, even endangering South Africa’s relations with the West. Otoh who cares much, as the Western bubble is shrinking in size and influence, and SA always had splendid relations with Russia and China (they are the S in BRICS afterall).

Let’s hear his perspective:

RT says:

President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” on February 24, with a stated goal to “demilitarize and denazify” the government in Kiev, ensuring that it no longer poses a threat to either Russia or the newly recognized Donbass republics, which have suffered seven years of grueling siege. The US and its NATO allies have accused Russia of starting an “unprovoked” war to gobble up Ukraine.

South Africa abstained from backing the United Nations General Assembly resolution that condemned Russia’s military action in Ukraine, and chose to stay neutral alongside 34 other countries, including China, India and Pakistan.

The South African president said it’s important to understand the causes of the crisis, but that doesn’t mean agreeing with the Russian invasion.

“We cannot condone the use of force or violation of international law,” said Ramaphosa. 

See, that’s what I always say: Instead of shouting Baah, Putin bad! the West should better learn to listen, and listen attentively. Russians usually say what they mean, say what they do and act in the open. If the Russian Federation announces a special military operation to demilitarize and denazify the government in Kiev it’s exactly what they do. Makes no sense to spin any other meaning into that mission statement. Calling Putin a mass-murdering dictator won’t change anything.

And, ahem, Washington doesn’t seem to have any problems supporting mass-murdering dictators at all, if they are on the extreme far right side of the political spectrum, don’t mind exploiting their people and do all kinds of US-friendly shit.

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