Pacific Diary: Day 719

Hey, Hi, Hello!

Just 2 little newnesses for today. I won’t even open the articles, and you’ll see why:

That China doesn’t fuk about but reacts quickly was a surprise to actually noone. Except the capitalist pigs of course, who are absolutely shocked – shocked, you hear? – about standard pandemic measures. Shame on them.

And in Kiwiland the business community has obviously won over the health dept. Shame on them. Otoh do we all know that the Omicron variant itself is a joke. So go ahead, my fellow southerners, and open your borders. It’s also better for human rights n stuff, and against the Bill and Melania Gates Foundation. So all positive. 😉

We love everything that stops big pharma from stealing our personal DNA, don’t we? The Human Genome Project can go and sexually abuse itself!

Fuk off!

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