Dépêches from the Frontline

Oh, you know! Just the few I could traffic through the barricades …

the countries that voted against or abstained from UN resolution combating glorification of neo-Naziism and countries that imposed sanctions on Russia are almost exactly the same.

Originally tweeted by Stephen McIntyre (@ClimateAudit

On what kinda drug is he on? Make friends with USA, nothing good will come of it, you stupid mofo!


  1. Can you provide your readers with a coherent argument that doesn’t rely at all on a Twitter post, a graphical meme, or a government-funded website?

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    • Thing is, KWG, I’m not making any arguments. At all. I just disperse some of the more witty and truthful Twits I can find,and with the very few websites I still have access to, I wanna provide info from outside the west’s bubble. Much information I fear people in the USA and EU don’t have access to. Info everybody should have. Info that makes sense and speaks for itself.

      For example that Russians have never used the tactics of bombing raids and war against civilians. A fact NATO just can’t wrap their heads around.
      For example that they are still willing to negotiate, even during ongoing warfare.
      For example that they are creating humanitarian corridors the Ukros don’t allow their civilians to use.
      For example most of the destruction you see is in fact in the Donbass region.
      For example that in Donbass is where the dead civilians are amassing … since 8 years.
      For example that the Ukro army and nazi militias are shelling the Donbass. Every fuxn day!
      For example that Ukro army and nazi militias are using civilians as human shields.

      This is all true.

      If you wanna deal a deadly blow on the Russians than look no further than their official declaration, where they quote some paragraphs from international law. I’ve heard these paragraphs can’t be applied in the Russian interference in Ukraine. So the FR is there illegally and walks on thin ice. Which makes them as wrong as the US. And that’s about it, pretty much their only logical mistake. From a humane perspective they are 110% correct tho.


  2. I see now why you are so misguided … you get all your news from Twitter!!! No wonder you never responded to Professor Taboo when he asked you to provide facts and sources for your obviously erroneous statements … you had none!

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    • “I see now why you are so misguided …”
      I’m not.

      “you get all your news from Twitter!!!”
      No, just a few. But Twitter is most blogfriendly and doesn’t need much of German-English translation. And all the more analytical articles are a bit much for a simple blog, dontcha think? Afterall this ain’t a political blog.

      “No wonder you never responded to Professor Taboo”

      “when he asked you to provide facts and sources for your obviously erroneous statements”
      Why would I? I dunno about the media situation in your sad country but for the rest of the world it’s clearly to see that Russia is on the right side here. You can scream, and shout and trample with you feet much as you want, you can’t stop the Asian century and ppl standing up against Western oppression.

      ” … you had none!”
      Oh, I have plenty. But as I told you they would fill bookshelves and go way above your noggin, sweet summer child.

      How about you tell me your facts about why your gvt topples democratic countries left and right, installs rightwing puppet govts and forces them to do sumfink stupid and when the plan misfires, quickly weasels off and leaves their short-time allies useful idiots behind in the dust. It didn’t work in Korea, it didn’t work in Nam and it surely won’t work in Ukraine.


      • Oh, now I remember the prof Taboo: You see he asked from a completely wrong position, one that showed how biased and narrow-minded he is. And that disqualified him from any further discussion. Kids, I studied history, but not pedagogic, so I’m not willing to teach you. My infos are basically the same as yours and it’s not my problem if you decide to ignore them but follow an America Über Alles narrative instead.

        And anyway, where was your engagement for a derelict country and its population when America attacked Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, only to name some of your latest victims?

        Aaand contrary to you, out here in the free world nobody was really surprised by the RF invasion. I was asking myself since 2014 already how long the Russians will take it before they react.


        • Aaaaaaand also, you have any idea how few people are buying into your wrong game? You only have North America minus Mexico and parts of Europe minus the Balkans and Russia, and you got OZ, whoopdidoo.

          But you don’t have Africa and Asia and Central and South America. You’re just a small little part of a planet that has had enough of your selfish colonialist, hegemonic games.

          You’re afraid of Russia? They are good frens. The world is afraid of America, she be a bitchy diva.


        • Because talk we must. If two completely inconsequntial bishes can’t agree on which narative to follow how and why do we expect our great leaders to agree on matter of war and peace.
          Otoh, yes, you’re right, if you and I agree or in China a sack of rice falls of a shelf … makes no difference at all.


      • Oh, and by the way … since you obviously think I’m an uneducated person … I have two B.S. degrees … one in Accounting and one in Political Science, an M.A. in Political Science, and a Ph.D. in International Relations. I think I know a few things, anyway.

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        • No, I don’t think you’re uneducated. You’re just American-educated, which for people from the rest of the world automatically means you’re specialized and lack the greater picture. Also your education is made for getting the bestest jobs, while we are getting educated just for education’s sake.

          Political science = knowing the best way to screw the other side over. Because that’s exactly what we see from Washington, over and over and over again.


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