The Sad Top 5

It’s kinda phunneh. πŸ˜‰

Notice that all the hero distros are trending downwards – including Orca’s faves – while the humble quiet one – the one who’s project leader never gives interviews – shows strong upwards tendencies. People are wisening up and don’t want anything to do with Win11. And Mint is the most welcoming alternative.

Well, anyway, I love how overall more and more people are at least interested in GNU/Linux. For whatever reasons. And if only half of those daily clickers are indeed downloading the ISO files and installing Linux on their machines – heck, make that a quarter or an eightth – this is a very good telltale sign of Linux entering the mainstream.

It’s all good. πŸ˜‰


  1. The fact W11 won’t run on so many computers will switch masses more as time goes by. Plus the fact more and more people are computer literate. A lot of the gamers I know have gone to consoles as they are cheaper and there is less cheating. Phones are the computers most people use

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    • Mhm, so the few holdouts who still own real computers probably have more interest and knowledge than the dummy masses. Listen a$$holes, I’ve learned how to use that stinkin’ smartyphone now – and boi does it hurt my hurt my OCD and my pride – so you ppl could put some effort into learning how to compute like real adult human beings!


        • That’s why I never even tried to educate the masses. They are just – as mentioned – a$$holes. Not worth it.

          But I won’t give up amusing the cult-like following of my blog with Linux stuff and WinApple antiganda. And far as I know, Neo, quite a large number of my readers are indeed Linux powered. At least more than average.

          And I’m trying to lure as many wimmin as possible to join us on the light side. Coz the female brain is at least as capable as the male brain. Most wimmin are just wasting their power on inconsequential shit, like making babies, making food, getting dressed, and putting on make-up. They should rather put Linux on their hardware. 😐


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