South Africa 4K – Scenic Drive – Chapman’s Peak

One of our fave drives on a sunny day. The good part starts at ~4:00 minutes in.

Afternoon drive along Chapmans Peak Drive in South Africa. This video should be 4K60FPS HDR. Let me know if the color and luminance looks correct on your display please! Chapman’s Peak is a mountain on the western side of the Cape Peninsula, between Hout Bay and Noordhoek in Cape Town, South Africa. The western flank of the mountain falls sharply for hundreds of metres into the Atlantic Ocean, and a road, known as Chapman’s Peak Drive, hugs the near-vertical face of the mountain, linking Hout Bay to Noordhoek. Tourists and locals often stop at viewpoints along this road, which offer views of Hout Bay, The Sentinel Peak and surrounds, as well as over Noordhoek Beach.

Chapman’s Peak Drive is part of the route of two of South Africa’s biggest mass-participation races, the Cape Argus Cycle Race and the Two Oceans Marathon.…

Still I have to ask why those 4k videographers don’t use days with better weather. :/

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